Do Male Ducks Lay Eggs? [Drake and Eggs]

Male ducks cannot lay eggs because they do not have ovaries that can facilitate egg production. One of the main functions of an ovary in female ducks is to produce eggs. Since the males do not have this, they do not stand a chance to lay eggs in any way. A female duck can transform … Read more

Do Rats Eat Chicken Eggs? How to Stop Them

Do Rats Eat Chicken Eggs?

Rats are among the predators that have been observed stealing and eating chicken eggs. They can also injure, if not kill, young chicks. Chicken rearing should not be tough or stressful, and there is no sense in having concerns about rats posing a threat to the flock. Rats have hard and razor-sharp teeth that they … Read more

Rats in Chicken Coop + How to Get Rid of Them

Rats in Chicken Coop

Rats in a chicken coop are attracted by the chicken feed, droppings, and fresh eggs. Since the coop is always warm and comfortable, rats can easily live and survive in it. Even if they do not make a habitat inside the coop, rats will keep coming back, especially if they can find food. Signs of rats … Read more