Annual Poultry Shows and Fairs in Arkansas

Within this natural paradise, Arkansas has developed an enthusiastic poultry show scene, much to the delight of poultry aficionados. Participants enjoy lively competition as they present a remarkable range of breeds.

Judges reward hard work and husbandry with trophies and praise, promoting continued excellence. As an emerging center of poultry shows, Arkansas not only supports this treasured tradition but encourages innovation in breeding and showing poultry.


As enthusiasts gather in solidarity and friendly rivalry, the joy of participation invigorates all, encouraging anticipation for future events. Experience Arkansas’ poultry shows – the heart of poultry passion.

Annual Poultry Shows and Fairs in Central Arkansas

Arkansas State Fair Poultry Show (Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR)

There is no event that better showcases the state’s cultural exuberance than the Arkansas State Fair held in October each year. It’s an exciting period when Little Rock swells with an extra splash of color, spirit, and zest that offers both locals and tourists an immersive taste of the heart of the state.

An irresistible amalgamation of music, entertainment, competitive exhibits, livestock shows, thrilling amusement rides, and exquisite food surely stirs the interest of all who venture through the fair’s welcoming gates.

Of all the fair attractions, the fair’s centerpiece lies in its diverse display of poultry, charming attendees and enthusiasts alike. Unsurprisingly, the Arkansas State Fair houses one of the largest gatherings of poultry in the state.

With an eye-popping display of unique chicken breeds, magnificent roosters, and rare avian species, the poultry exhibit provides a unique visual feast for poultry enthusiasts. It ignites in-depth, lively discussions about their favorites among poultry lovers.

Arkansas Little Rock

Beyond the bustling poultry pavilion, there are plenty of other ways to get in on the action. The aroma of locally sourced foods, innovative rides, and competitive events lure visitors from all corners of the county. The rich bouquet of scents from grills and stands whets the appetite, providing a gastronomical journey as one strolls the fairgrounds.

Then again, it would be remiss not to mention the incredibly sought-after poultry competitions. Renowned across the country, these competitions provide poultry enthusiasts with an unmatched opportunity to celebrate the vibrancy, versatility, and pure beauty of their avian subjects.

The euphoria as the proud winner is crowned never fails to captivate spectators and contestants alike, creating an atmosphere thick with suspense and camaraderie.

As the sun dips behind the Arkansas horizon, the Fair leaves a last enchanting memory in the form of an enthralling musical show.

The state fair ultimately proves an invigorating feast for the senses, creating a quintessential Arkansas summer memory. Pulaski County, once again, eagerly anticipates its annual gem. The Arkansas State Fair is a convergence of shared enthusiasm, vivid memories, and shared traditions.

Annual Poultry Shows and Fairs in Northwest Arkansas

Washington County Fair Poultry Show (Prairie Grove, Washington County, AR)

Situated in the quaint and historical town of Prairie Grove, the Washington County Fair, held annually in August, unveils an electrifying spectacle. Immersed in culture, it binds the community together, promoting unity and camaraderie while celebrating the county’s agricultural heritage.

Capturing the spirit of Arkansas’s agricultural tradition, the fair’s Poultry Exhibition displays diverse poultry breeds. It’s an impressive demonstration of the area’s flourishing poultry industry and its dedication to farming practices.

Overflowing with entertainment, the fairground offers numerous family-friendly activities, such as magic shows, interactive exhibits, and heart-racing carnival rides, keeping everyone engaged and enlivened.

Chicken Poultry Show

A living testament to Prairie Grove’s rich soil and farming heritage, the fair unveils impressive exhibits of local crops. Alongside the celebrated Poultry Exhibition, it becomes a platform showcasing the significant role of agriculture in Washington County’s livelihood.

Immersed in culture, community, and exhilarating festivities, the Fair proves an undeniable highlight of the Arkansas social calendar. Its unique blend of entertainment and tradition solidifies its place in the heart of Washington County.

Johnson County Arkansas Fair Poultry Show (Clarksville, Johnson County, AR)

Every August/September, nestled amidst the gorgeous Ozark mountains in the quaint town of Clarksville, the pulse of the Johnson County Arkansas Fair begins to beat, offering a mesmerizing carnival atmosphere mixed with a captivating essence of poultry magnificence.

As the vibrant heart of the rural community, this eagerly anticipated fair exudes an infectious charm of authenticity and celebration, captivating both locals and visitors alike.

Imagine the resonating crow of roosters filling the warm late-summer air while pristine, fluttering feathers of hundreds of poultry specimens animate the surrounding tranquility.

Duck Arkansas

This is the stage where aviculture takes precedence, and poultry enthusiasts converge to admire, engage, and network with an unprecedented, unrivaled poultry selection in Arkansas.

Experiencing the fair is to immerse oneself in the warmth and charisma of a rural festival, capturing the joys of a traditional lifestyle and reveling in the joyous harmony of nature. One will witness the friendly contests, participate in riveting activities, and engage in educative interactions – an undeniably splendid celebration.

From engaging games, delectable local cuisine, unique crafts, and bustling stalls to breathtaking exhibits of champion roosters and hens, the Johnson County Arkansas Fair encapsulates a unique and exciting essence of wholesome outdoor life and an extraordinary poultry showcase.

Embrace the delight of Clarksville in the picturesque panorama of the Ozark National Forest this Fair season!

The Saline County Fair is a cherished symbol of community and learning. For the poultry enthusiast or the leisurely visitor, it offers unforgettable encounters, broadened horizons, and lifelong memories amidst the captivating backdrop of Arkansas’s soul.

Saline County Fair Poultry Show (Benton, Saline County, AR)

Annually in the harmonious month of September, the distinctive blend of the urban and rustic charms of Benton, Saline County in Arkansas, takes form in a significant event that unites the local and national communities: the Saline County Fair. Reverberating the rural heritage of Arkansas, the event teems with passion, unity, and excitement.

A captivating highlight of the fair, the Poultry Exhibition presents a spectacle of diversity, inviting poultry enthusiasts nationwide to display their cherished birds.

Here, they get an opportunity to appreciate the finest breeds, share insights, and broaden their knowledge about this multifaceted practice.

Families can expect an enjoyable gamut of activities designed for every age and interest. From rides to contests and fun-filled workshops to interactive educational events, every day is a chance for novel experiences, discoveries, and shared memories.

Goose Poultry Show

Agriculture forms the backbone of this county fair. Aside from the astounding poultry exhibits, participants can learn about the latest farming techniques, observe competitive events, and explore unique cultivars, thereby making the fair an essential part of their agrarian calendar.

Lonoke County Fair Poultry Show (Lonoke, Lonoke County, AR)

In the charming heart of Lonoke County, Arkansas, September unfolds to the delightful rhapsody of an annual tradition: the Lonoke County Fair. Rich in tradition and heritage, this unique fair paints a vivid canvas of rural America, appealing to locals and visitors alike.

Ducking under the canvas of the Poultry Exhibition, visitors discover the myriad avian wonders that distinguish the local agricultural landscape. From plumaged roosters to endearing chicks, the event encapsulates the county’s prolific poultry production.

Celebrating its rich agricultural history, the fair spotlights Lonoke County’s contributions to Arkansas’s agronomy, including a vibrant livestock and poultry showcase, stirring tractor parades, and captivating contests of produce and grains.

Arkansas Tomato

At this Fair, joyful laughter fills the air as families embark on a journey of merriment and discovery. Engaging hands-on exhibits, delectable food stands, and thrilling carnival rides turn the fair into a family paradise.

The Lonoke County Fair shines as a splendid tribute to rural heritage and community unity, captivating the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Truly, the spirit of Arkansas comes alive amidst the county fair’s revelry.

Annual Poultry Shows and Fairs in Northeast Arkansas

Northeast Arkansas District Fair Poultry Show (Jonesboro, Craighead County, AR)

In the vibrant heart of Jonesboro, an annual tradition evokes great anticipation and exhilarating buzz throughout Northeast Arkansas. The District Fair brings joyous color, enticing smells, and infectious excitement.

As a magnet for poultry enthusiasts, the fair presents an unrivaled occasion for celebration. Spectators are enraptured by an impressive array of exhibits showcasing a rich assortment of chicken breeds.

The rigorous competition and knowledge shared provide poultry enthusiasts with a distinctive stage.

Steeped in deep-rooted tradition and complemented by modern thrills, the Northeast Arkansas District Fair pulsates with the vivacity of amusement rides, culinary delights, and awe-inspiring spectacles.

Turkey Poultry Show

A realm of captivating events further indulges the poultry admirers. Engaging workshops, an intensely competitive broiler contest, and live chick-hatching experiences extend a hand toward enrichment.

Embodying the spirit of the community, the Northeast Arkansas District Fair doesn’t merely captivate poultry enthusiasts but mesmerizes everyone with its splendid cultural web. It truly stands as a heartwarming spectacle.

White County Fair Poultry Show (Searcy, White County, AR)

The heartbeat of Searcy, Arkansas, quickens in September, bringing with it a tradition that defines the vibrant community – The White County Fair. Each year, thousands of visitors and residents alike come together, eagerly anticipating a uniquely Southern celebration.

At the heart of the Fair is the eagerly anticipated poultry exhibition. For poultry enthusiasts, it’s a platform for sharing knowledge and appreciating the unique beauty of varied poultry breeds, proving a valuable and integral aspect of the local agricultural industry.

Bursting with activities for the whole family, the Fair perfectly blends amusement, music, and gastronomy. It offers an exceptional experience that attendees cherish and look forward to year after year.

River Canu Arkasas

The Fair underscores the pivotal role that agriculture plays in the life of Searcy. It not only showcases the importance of the poultry industry but also pays tribute to the rich and varied agricultural practices of White County.

The White County Fair captures the spirit of Searcy’s lively, resilient community and the region’s thriving agriculture, offering something of interest to everyone. Every summer, this joyous celebration renews bonds of tradition, unity, and shared excitement.

Poinsett County Fair Poultry Show (Harrisburg, Poinsett County, AR)

Every year, the Poinsett County Fair captivates the quaint town of Harrisburg, Arkansas. For many, this celebration represents the pinnacle of rural traditions, a symphony of nature and community vibrantly exhibited through various activities and competitions.

A truly enticing spectacle at the fair is the poultry exhibition, a showcase that beckons enthusiasts with diverse breeds and distinctive characteristics. For a poultry connoisseur, there’s a treasure of knowledge to unearth and cherish here.

Beyond the exhibitions, a plethora of family activities fills the air with laughter and glee. Hayrides, carnival games, live music – all constitute a dynamic social ambiance that reverberates with joy.

Chicken Poultry Show

This rural fair respects its origins through impressive agricultural displays, which prominently feature the indomitable spirit of farming, in which poultry has a pivotal role, effectively highlighting Poinsett’s agricultural accomplishments.

From fostering community relationships to upholding agricultural traditions, Poinsett County Fair is truly a joyous canvas where modern lifestyles intersect harmoniously with heritage. A truly enriching and memorable experience awaits you in Harrisburg, Arkansas.

Annual Poultry Shows and Fairs in North Central Arkansas

Baxter County Fair Poultry Show (Mountain Home, Baxter County, AR)

In the midst of summer’s embrace, the community of Mountain Home, Baxter County in Arkansas, gears up for the much-awaited annual Baxter County Fair. Known for its grandeur and vibrant ambiance, the fair guarantees an exceptional blend of rural charm and rich culture.

An integral part of the fair, the Poultry Exhibition showcases an array of feathered wonders, capturing the interest of poultry enthusiasts. Displaying everything from majestic Rhode Island Reds to the more obscure Araucanas, this is a grand tribute to the bird species that are central to the county’s culture and economy.

Offering a fun-filled lineup of activities that appeal to all age groups, the fair holds promise for memorable experiences. It caters to thrill-seekers with exciting rides, captivates artistic souls with craft demonstrations, and keeps children entranced with petting zoos and games.

Arkansas Waterfall

Standing testament to the county’s proud farming lineage, the fair exhibits a myriad of farm products, including locally cultivated crops. Furthermore, it illustrates the intricate techniques employed in poultry rearing, casting a light on the commitment and effort of the local farming community.

Undeniably, the Baxter County Fair remains a testimony to Mountain Home’s buoyant community spirit, deep-seated tradition, and admiration for nature, offering an unforgettable experience.

Cleburne County Fair Poultry Show (Heber Springs, Cleburne County, AR)

There is an undeniable charm to Heber Springs, especially in September, as the picturesque town, encased in serenity, buzzes with exhilaration with the annual Cleburne County Fair. It stands as a testament to the robust agricultural community and a magnet to poultry enthusiasts.

An assortment of feathered wonders awaits you in the highly lauded poultry exhibition, showcasing an array of domestic bird species. Relish in the remarkable splendor of aviculture while deepening your understanding of this unique and charming hobby.

The Cleburne County Fair embodies an unforgettable family experience that beautifully mingles fun, laughter, and learning. From adrenaline-pumping rides to toothsome fair delicacies, the activities presented make for memorable experiences for young and old alike.

Chicken Poultry Show

Beyond poultry, the Fair showcases the essence of Heber Springs’ dynamic agricultural environment. Gain an intriguing insight into farming practices, agriculture products, and sustainable cultivation techniques that underscore the fair’s heart.

The Cleburne County Fair concludes as a grand celebration of Heber Springs’ rich cultural heritage, agricultural prowess, and unique allure. Every aspect, from poultry exhibitions to family activities, creates an inspiring panorama that echoes throughout the year.