Turkey Molting: Causes + When They Molt

Turkey Molting

Every year, turkeys shed their old feathers in order to create space for new ones to grow. The growth of new feathers is a natural process designed by nature to maintain its overall well-being. Molting also protects them against cold winter conditions. Turkeys in the northern hemisphere will start molting in December, while those in the … Read more

How to Keep Wild Turkeys Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Wild Turkeys Out of Your Yard

You can keep wild turkeys out of your yard by removing any food sources that attract them. They will reduce their visits if they cannot get anything to eat. For instance, fence plants bearing fruits will attract them. Avoid having plants that turkeys love eating, like oak trees and berry bushes. Will mothballs keep turkeys away? … Read more

Wild Turkeys Digging up Lawn + How to Stop Them

Turkeys digging up grass is not a bad sign because they are just looking for food. However, their digging activities can destroy new grass on the lawn. Notably, turkeys’ feed ranges from small insects like grasshoppers and ground beetles to seeds and grasses. Therefore, turkeys are likely to dig up grass in search of such … Read more