About Us

Keeping poultry in the backyard looks fun and easy. However, you will know the pros and cons after you start the process. It comes with loads of challenges, and poultrylane.com was established to help ordinary people get into poultry keeping without the challenges.

PoultyLane Sucess

This website is authored and pioneered by experienced local farmers. Every idea picked out there is published here so that both experienced and non-experienced individuals can have the opportunity to tackle any challenge faced in the chicken coops. PultryLane also supports local farmers, and there have been success stories from local and urban farmers who have chicken coops in their backyards.


Felix Odi

Felix Odi

Hi, I’m Felix Odi, an experienced author and content creator with over 18 years of experience as a publisher. Growing up in rural areas of Bristol, FL, I developed an interest in poultry keeping, fish farming, and pest control DIY solutions. Farming is a main activity in the area, and since pests are always part of our major setbacks, I had to learn how to get rid of them with simple DIYs. 

PoulrtyLane Project

Directive and Purpose

All information on this website is based on practical experience and feedback from local farmers and individuals who keep poultry as a source of living or for fun. Some keep them as pests, but the challenges encountered are always the same. Combined with research, PoultryLane delivers unique and handy information that can give important insights to anyone who keeps poultry.