Telling Chickens Age: Signs + What to Check

Signs of an old chicken may include less number of eggs laid, longer spurs, and bigger eggs. The signs are displayed through a chicken’s behavioral and or physical traits. Knowing the age of your birds makes it easy to determine the type of feed to provide, the ability to lay eggs, and general health. A … Read more

Yellow Chicken Poop: Causes + Care

If we have to talk about chicken output, it’s definitely more fun to talk about eggs. However, to ensure that our egg layers are healthy, we have to monitor their droppings as much as we track their eggs. Yellow chicken poop is primarily normal and caused by their diet. On the other hand, yellow droppings … Read more

White Chicken Poop: Causes + Treatment

Chickens are some of the easiest animals to keep. They mature quickly, have few diseases, and in the case of free-range chickens, you don’t need to feed them all the time. However, chickens can’t communicate verbally when sick. It’s, therefore, essential to know the signs to look out for. Normal chicken poo has a cloud … Read more

How Much to Feed Baby Chickens Per Day?

The most critical aspect of rearing chickens is knowing how much to feed them. This helps you administer a proper amount of feed and manage your budget. Commercially produced starter feed is balanced to contain all the chick’s requirements without additional supplements. A good feed should also be organic and Genetically Modified Organic(GMO) free. The estimated amount of feed … Read more

Do Chickens Eat Mice? [Chickens VS Mice]

Can Chickens Eat Mice?

The number of people raising chickens has exploded in recent years. This is because they are some of the easiest animals to keep. They’re easy to clean after, don’t require too much space, and eat almost anything. But do they eat mice? Chickens catch, kill and even eat mice if they are hungry. Chickens are … Read more

Green Chicken Poop: Causes, Meaning + Solutions

Green Chicken Poop

When left to free range in summer, our chickens always have more green droppings. This is because they eat green leaves and grass out in the fields. Green chicken poop is normal if they are eating green leaves or grass. However, constant green chicken diarrhea indicates illnesses like Newcastle, Merek’s Disease, Avian Influenza, or internal … Read more

Chicken Comb Turning Black: Causes + What to Do

Chicken Comb Turning Black

The color of a chicken comb depends on its species and genetics. Some have red, brownish, dark purplish, or dark bluish combs. If your chicken comb is usually bright red and starts turning black, you should be worried because that indicates that all is not well. A chicken comb can turn black due to infections … Read more

Chicken Comb Turning White: Causes + Solutions

A chicken comb turning white is an indication of a health issue or condition demanding immediate action. Usually, a healthy chicken will have a lively, red comb that is not falling over. While chicken combs may have other unusual color changes, it is one of the reliable indicators of your chicken’s general well-being and vigor. 6 … Read more

Do Chicken Combs Grow Back?

Chicken combs do not grow back if they become significantly destroyed or cut off due to an injury or decay. If the injury is small, it can heal within a few days. Use an ointment to speed up the process of healing and recovery. What can make a chicken lose its comb (Why is my … Read more