How to Get Rid of Flies in Chicken Coop

Are you fed up with the buzzing sound of flies around your chicken coop? If yes, I understand your dire need to eliminate the flies. Flies are prevalent in areas with livestock, and chickens are no exception.

To get rid of flies in a chicken coop, clean the chicken’s droppings every morning with a mixture of 150 ml white vinegar, 75 ml dawn dish soap, and 500ml warm water. Then leave the doors and ventilation open for 5-6 hours for it to dry. Change the chickens’ smelly bedding and remove any decaying treats around the coop.

To avoid stressing your chicken, you need to get rid of flies in your chicken coop. Lucky for you, this article has compiled the best strategies to prevent and control flies in your chicken coop. To bid goodbye to the irritating flies, scroll down!

Can flies hurt your chicken?

Having flies inside or around the chicken coop can be disastrous. Once they invade your chicken coop, they increase quickly and become very challenging to control. Flies can pass diseases to your chicken and bother you while feeding your chicken or collecting the eggs. Here are four reasons why:

1. They carry diseases

Flies can pass Campylobacter and Salmonella diseases to your chickens and affect humans. Since they are disease carriers, you should eliminate them from the chicken coop and on the homestead.

2. Fatality

Flies and maggots also carry Clostridium Botulinum which causes Botulism disease. Flies spread this bacterium when they land on wet chicken feeds. Once the maggots feed on the feeds containing the bacteria, they multiply the toxin in their bodies.

Since chickens love maggots, they will feed on them, and during digestion, the maggots will release high levels of botulinum. This bacterium may cause paralysis and quick death to the infected chickens.

3. Flystrike

It may lead to chickens getting flystrike when flies lay eggs on them and cause maggots to start eating the chicken. When you observe that your chickens have sores or infections, they may be infested with maggots.

You should immediately quarantine the chicken, treat the wounds, and only return them after they have regained their health. Though healthy flies rarely get flystrike, those with open wounds or dirty vents are easily attacked.

4. Stress

Flies are a nuisance and unhygienic. They can carry dirt from the chicken coop to your house or other poultry birds on your farm. Flies cause discomfort to chickens and can lead to reduced egg production.

Causes of Flies in a Chicken Coop

Flies congregate around chicken coops for various reasons:

  1. They love the odor of decomposing food and chicken manure
  2. The wetness and dampness in chicken coops create good breeding grounds for the flies
  3. Flies can get plenty of food in chicken manure and litter

The following in a chicken coop attracts the flies:

  • Chicken droppings
  • Muddy puddles
  • Wet feed
  • Food scraps

The weather conditions can also determine the number of flies that will invade your chicken coop. During warm months, flies may largely invade your chicken coop.

Prevention Measures to Keep Flies Out of Chicken Coop

The best way of eliminating flies in your chicken coop is to prevent them from invading. You can avoid them by doing the following:

1. Cleaning the Chicken Coop

You should clean the coop regularly using natural Apple Cider Vinegar with antimicrobial properties. This natural product leaves a pleasant smell that keeps away flies. A smelly coop attracts flies, so it is important to clean and rid it of any foul odor.

2. Remove Chicken Droppings and Litter Before They Pile Up

One of the main attractions to flies is chicken droppings and litter. You should remove the dropping every 1-3 days and compost them far from the coop and your house. Also, replace the bedding materials regularly and ensure they are always clean. Do not let chicken droppings or litter pile up in the coop.

3. Get Rid of all Left-overs

When left-over food scraps start decomposing, they attract flies. To prevent this, only provide the chicken with enough scraps that they won’t leave uneaten. You can also feed them regularly, rather than adding too many feeds at once. In case of leftovers, get rid of them.

4. Avoid feeding Chicken with Cooked Food and Meat.

Feeding your chicken with meat and cooked feed will attract more flies. Instead of such, provide them with healthy vegetables and fruits that are less attractive to flies.

5. Always Ensure that the Chicken Coop is Dry

First, ensure that the chicken coop is well-ventilated and gets adequate sunlight. Secondly, use drinkers such as nipple waterers that discourage less water splashing. You should also ensure that the roof or walls aren’t leaking, and if there are any muddy puddles, you should fix them. Ensuring the coop is always dry will attract fewer flies since they prefer damp areas.

How to Get Rid of Flies on a Chicken Coop

If flies have already invaded your chicken coop, you can control and get rid of them using the following methods:

1. Using Diatomaceous Earth

DE or Diatomaceous Earth is a white powder formed from crushed fossils of diatoms. This powder controls flies and insects by dehydrating them, killing their larvae, and keeping the coop dry. You should sprinkle food-grade DE on your chicken coop, especially around the bedding area and nesting boxes.

However, while sprinkling DE, ensure that the chickens are outside and you are wearing a mask since the dust can cause irritation or respiratory problems. Only return the chicken after the DE dust has fully settled.

2. Employing Fly Predators

Fly Predators are organisms that feed on the larvae of flies, thus preventing them from becoming adults. You should place them in areas where flies lay their eggs. Also, ensure they are far from chicken since they may peck and feed on them.

3. Using Natural Fly Repellents

Natural herbs such as mint, lavender, rosemary, tansy, etc., can keep flies away and improve the smell of the coop. You can either plant them around the coop, hang them inside, or use them to make essential oils that you can spray around the coop.

4. Using Fly Sprays and Traps

There are numerous fly trap and sprays product that promises to work magic. However, their chemical content is expensive and dangerous to your poultry. Only use natural sprays and traps.

Get Rid of Flies in Chicken Coop Completely!

To achieve a fly-free chicken coop, you need to employ preventive and control measures discussed in this post. More so, you can hang water bags in the coop’s entrance, plant marigolds, or hang fly strips in the cage.

However, to get rid of flies completely, you must ensure that the coop and the surrounding environment are always clean and free of dampness. Has this article been helpful? If yes, share it!